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  • Ocean alert! Shen Guojun and Ray Dalio in partnership to protect the ocean
    Making joint efforts on exploring and protecting the ocean, and sharing the importance and wonders of the ocean to the public.
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  • The 2020 “Blue Pioneers” program has been launched
    The 2020 “Blue Pioneers” program was officially launched recently.
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  • Charity art exhibition You’re Terrific opens at Beijing Yintai Centre
    The Adream Children Charity Art Exhibition, You’re Terrific, supported by Yintai Foundation and Beijing Yintai Centre opened recently, and will be on display until July 31.
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  • Wild panda caught on camera for the first time at Bayuelin Nature Reserve!
    This was the first time images of a wild panda in an infrared camera were captured at Bayuelin Nature Reserve.
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