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Yintai Investment & Finance

group will house e-finance, smart sales, life health and cultural innovation industries targeting to make a platform where industrialists and starters realize their dreams. The philosophy of Yintai Investment is value investment. We invest in new-technology, new-model, and new-discipline companies having commercial value, industry influence and representing new economic directions. In addition to commercial value, we are also concerned about the potential of an investment project to inspire the upgrading of the industry. All enterprises and projects in which we have invested are ones representing new economic directions, characterizing new technology, new service models and new areas, and having the potential to inspire the upgrading or lead the revolution of the originally traditional industries.

Yintai Investment currently covers smart logistics, smart retail, smart finance, new materials, and new energy, like Cainiao Network, Ubox, MYbank, Song Xiaocai, Bona Film, and Shanda Games.
  • Cainiao Network
    Cainiao Network Technology Co., Ltd., a joint venture among Yintai Group, Alibaba and other partners, was officially established in May 2013. Through social collaboration, the data-based Cainiao Network signifies a network-wide logistic chain encompassing cross-borders, courier, warehousing, rural area, and end distribution, and provides big data interchange, data enabling and data basis. Cainiao is positioned to make an open, sharing, socialized logistic infrastructure platform.
  • MYbank
    In June 2015, MYbank, a joint venture among Yintai Group, Alibaba and other partners, was officially opened to service. It is the first ever bank in China to support its core system on financial cloud and one of the first pilot private banks in China too. MYbank aims to become the first-choice financial service provider for network operators, an explorer of Internet banks and a practitioner of inclusive finance that provides services for small and micro businesses, public consumers, rural operators, farmers and minor financial institutions.
  • Weihan Leasing
    Shanghai Weihan Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. was established by Yintai in May 2014 in Shanghai FTZ's Waigaoqiao Bonded Zone. Weihan Leasing is committed to opening up finance lease businesses in industrial equipment, energy-saving, medical apparatus, commercial property, culture, education and creativity, and providing quality, efficient comprehensive financial services.
  • Ruijing Financial
    The company was founded by Yintai Group and a number of domestic well-known enterprises in 2018. It upholds the concept of creating value with profession, serves mainstream finance and the industrial economy, and is committed to become most innovative, the most leading asset management institutions in China. The company's main business is to purchase in bulk, manage and dispose of the non-performing assets of financial enterprises, enterprises by means of similar financial means and other enterprises in Jiangxi Province.
  • Ubox
    Founded in 2010, Ubox is an "AVM running on the Internet", which successfully applies smart systems, cloud technology and wireless payment to traditional AVMs. Out of its concern about revolution in smart retail, Yintai invested on Ubox to open the door to industry revolution. With nearly 40,000 apparatuses installed in hundreds of cities across China including Beijing and Shanghai so far, Ubox represents the largest Internet vending machine company in the country. February 2016 saw Ubox listed on the Three Board to become China's first vending machine stock.
  • Bona Film
    Founded in 1999, Bona Film is among the few leading private film companies in China as a private film company boasting the most sustainable presentation, investment, production and distribution and the largest size among its peers in China. Sixteen years of operation has won Bona Film absolute superiority in film investment and production. Yintai Investment is projected to help Bona Film maintain its position as the industry leader, continue to present proprietary quality films to the audience, and contribute more to the healthy development of China's film industry with the help of the capital market.
  • CHJ
    Founded by Li Xiang, founder of Autohome, CHJ Automotive is committed to building new energy, product and services for future urban transportation through convenient energy network, innovative products and subversive services.
  • U51
    Founded in May 2012, U51 is a Chinese leading technology finance service group engaged in liability management, financial service and technology service. We have five core APPs: "51 Credit Card Manager", "51 Renpin", "Geinihua", "51 Renpindai", "51 Pocket Money" serving more than 100 million users. We have established a technology finance infrastructure sharing platform with assets, traffic and data open to the outside.