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Yintai Retails

The retail segment originated from Intime Department Store (Wulin Outlet) founded by President Shen in 1998, and includes Intime Retail (Group) Co., Ltd. (Intime Retail) and Intime Yusheng Commercial Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (Intime Yusheng).

Covering department store retail, shopping centers and online retail, this segment is domestic commercial retail leader with rich operational management experience and strong brand management capability. In 2007, Intime Department Store registered the first department store company in Mainland China to be listed at the SEHK, renewing the record of 240-fold single-stock oversubscription. In 2009, it was the first to make strategic transformation from department store to shopping center. In 2010, appearance of www.yintai.com made Intime Department Store the first ever traditional retailer department store company in China to establish a joint venture solely by itself with huge investment and try online retail. In 2014, it started strategic partnership with Alibaba. Released “in”, a new high-end commercial operating brand in June 2014. In 2015, Yintai further intensified deep cooperation with Alibaba, and pushed forward the Internet aspect of (01833.HK), owner of Miaojie, Miaohuo and Miaoke that provides one-stop service application for retailers and consumers. By the end of 2016, Intime Retail (01833.HK) have managed and operated 29 department stores, 17 shopping centers and 1 Outlets with total floor area of 3,000,000 ㎡, while Intime Yusheng, as the largest luxuries brand owner in China, launched its high-end retail projects in01 (Beijing), in88 (Beijing) and in77 (Hangzhou) in China. Its in99 also expects to debut at Chengdu Yintai Centre in 2017. Our retail segment is already a paradigm of continuous innovation and transformation in the country's retail business.
Intime Retail(01833.HK)After two decades of operation in China under the Multi-brand, Multi-business, Experience Consumption and Customer-first philosophy, Intime Retail (01833.HK) continues to update its commercial model from traditional department stores to large shopping centers and further to online shopping, pioneering new fashion all the way. In 2007, Intime Department Store was successfully listed at the SEHK (01833.HK), and in 2013, Intime Department Store (Group) Co., Ltd. was renamed Intime Retail (Group) Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong. For many years, Intime Retail, from Zhenjiang to the whole nation and with abundant capital, logical management, stringent systems and flexible operation, has created a remarkable succession of performances and developed three Intime-style commercial operating models—Intime Department Store, Intime Shopping Center and www.yintai.com. As a provider of consumer solutions for the new times, Intime Retail has become a paradigm of combining traditional retail with the Internet. Yintai group's president Shen Guojun to privatize Intime Retail Group (01833.HK) in a joint effort with Alibaba on Jan 10,2017. Learn more.
Recognitions and Awards
  • Institutional Investor's Most Respected Company for Asia-Pacific Company Management 2016
  • China Financing Market's Best Listed Company of the China Financing Market Listed Companies Award
  • In 2013, Intime Retail was named among the World's 16 Retail Revolution Leaders by Morgan Stanley
  • In 2011, it became the first Chinese retail and department store stock officially included by Morgan Stanley (MSCI) into the Chinese indexes of its Global Standard Index Series.
Intime Yusheng is a new commercial operational management company under Intime Retail. Its commercial brand, “in”, which features high-quality, consistent management of commercial projects with respect to investment, operation, design and marketing, not only runs shopping centers that gather world's top fashion brands, but also leads the tide of fashion, integrates culture and arts, and tries the best to create new lifestyles for high-end customers. Currently, in owns Beijing Yintai Centre in01, Hangzhou Hubin Yintai in77, Beijing Wangfujing Yintai in88 and Chengdu Yintai Centre in99. In 2015, Intime's “in” also launched an inSPORTS that represents a technology sports image brand. In 2016, Intime Yusheng launched a cartoon theme park called “in Kids with Line Friends” together with Korea's LINE FRIENDS.In 2019,the biggest LEGO flagship store and first official NBA flagship store landed right at Beijing Wangfujing Yintai in88.
  • Intime Department Store

    Benchmark of Traditional Department Store Retailers

    A Youth and Fashion department store image that conveys new life aesthetics and targets young people and new families. As a famous department store chain brand with unique Intime commercial culture, Intime Department Store is a benchmark for domestic department store retailers that endeavor to drive the new fashion culture in Chinese cities. Currently, 27 Intime Department Stores across China are changing people's life with popular or fashionable elements.

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  • Intime Shopping Center

    Leader among High-end Chain Shopping Centers

    An innovative experience shopping center integrates consumption with entertainment. As a perfect carrier of Intime Shopping Center, Intime City lives up to its tenet of "Light up the City, Convey Life's Aesthetics". 40 intime cities, ongoing or underway, have found their place across China and are making difference to the life and consumption of their host cities.

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    Innovator of Boutique Fashion Department Store Online Retail

    www.yintai.com is a large B2C online retail platform of boutique and fashion merchandise officially inaugurated in October 2010. Positioned to convey life aesthetics to the Chinese nationals and targeted at providing the best fashion, brands and quality for the lowest prices, www.yintai.com endeavors to become a prominent boutique and fashion department store website in China.

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  • in

    Outstanding High-end Commercial Operator

    “in” is a new high-end commercial brand of Yintai Group managed by Beijing Intime Yusheng Commercial Management Consulting Co., Ltd. with respect to investment, operating, design and marketing. Absorbing the high-quality commercial resources and operational management capability of Yintai Group, in owns four commercial projects: Beijing Yintai Centre in01, Hangzhou Hubin Yintai in77, Beijing Wangfujing Yintai in88 and Chengdu Yintai Centre in99. Each of these projects incorporates the in concept that "Realizing true elegance" while presenting their own features and personalities.

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