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Business Developments | Boost to Lishui with Grand opening of Zhejiang Lishui Intime City
Release Date:December 27,2022
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On December 23, Yintai Business Management Group held a grand opening ceremony for its benchmark commercial project - Zhejiang Lishui Intime City, which achieved a business attraction rate of 98% and an opening rate of 97%. Located in the prime city core of Binjiang Business District, Lishui Intime City is a super large urban complex integrating star hotels, one-stop shopping malls, quality residences, urban apartments, and high-end offices.


The opening ceremony was attended by Ye Jianguang, director of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, and Zheng Yongqiang, Chairman of Yintai Business Management Group, as well as representatives of governments at all levels, group and merchant representatives, and media representatives.

Featuring more than 230 brands and driving a new consumption momentum with “first store economy”

 With more than 100 “first stores” and 5 flagship stores, Lishui Intime City offers "multi-brand, multi-format, and experiential consumption", and stimulates consumption through the “first-store economy”, bringing new impetus to the city's diversified development.


In addition, it features BONA Cinemas which offers the giant-screen movie experience, a POLA beauty care concept store, a Starbucks Reserve store, Lishui's first Huawei Smart Life Store, and Dyson flagship store. To the delight of parents, the first LEGO store in Lishui was unveiled as scheduled, and there is also the 1,700-square-meter POP BEAR children paradise which injects new life into Lishui's leisure lifestyle.


Injecting vibrancy to living in Lishui with a landmark building and diversified consumption scenarios

Located in the Binjiang Business District, Lishui Intime City is adjacent to the aggregation area by the Nanming Lake, which is a prime location in the city core. The area boasts of an advantageous location and is served by an efficient traffic network. With a gross area of 680,000 square meters and a commercial area of 110,600 square meters, Lishui Intime City is a super large urban complex integrating star hotels, a one-stop shopping centre, high-quality residences, urban apartments, and high-end offices.


It deeply integrates the local landscape elements of "mountain, water, city, and farmland" in Lishui, and is committed to creating a scenic urban shopping landmark with both functionality and artistic beauty through the architectural language of "mountain layers, overlapping waters, and terraced fields". It adds to the allure of Lishui City and elevates the quality of living of the city’s dwellers. While enhancing the beauty of the city's commercial landscape, it also represents a new and unique appeal for local tourism, refreshing the international interface of the waterfront city.


The completion and opening of Lishui Intime City not only fill the void in Lishui Jiangbin in terms of metropolitan complexes, injects unprecedented fashion momentum, and forms an international life circle at Lishui Jiangbin, but more importantly, transforms Lishui’s scattered commercial structure and forms a business district with Lishui Intime City as its centre, providing a strong boost to the city's commercial prosperity.