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Yintai Group sets a new benchmark in New Year countdown consumption and helps unleash the consumption potential of local markets
Release Date:January 1,2023
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With the arrival of the year 2023 and the release of the "Strategic Planning Outline for the Expansion of Domestic Demand (2022-2035)", there is an urgent need to unleash the potential of domestic commercial consumption. Following the policy situation closely, Yintai Group's benchmark projects set new consumption benchmarks for New Year countdown sales with the establishment of a trendy shopping experience with aligned online and offline offerings, playing their part in the stabilization and improvement of the local economy in various parts of the country.

Exuberant return of New Year’s Eve at in77

On the last night of 2022, many gathered at Hangzhou Hubin Yintai in77 after the mall had closed for the day. They watched their mobile phones as they waited for the countdown to the new year.

It is said that “in77 is a must on New Year's Eves”. The New Year countdown at in77 every year is etched in the memory of the people of Hangzhou, and the excitement has made a comeback after a long absence.

With mixed feelings about 2022 and high anticipations for 2023, the throngs of people who had gathered at the mall began to herald in a new beginning as the countdown began.

On New Year's Eve, in77’s large outdoor screen displayed the New Year wishes of shoppers throughout the day, and special New Year decorations and displays were set up for photo taking by shoppers. On that day, Areas A, B, C, D and E of in77 achieved double-digit mall traffic growth compared with the previous day. This once again proves in77's status as a trend and fashion landmark in Hangzhou and its growing appeal to Generation Z youth.

More than 300,000 people had gathered at in77 to count down to the new year, and with the return of fireworks, there is anticipation that the city will also see a fresh round of consumption boom.

Driving the tide of new consumption in spring

In Beijing, Beijing Yintai Centre presented a festive light show to welcome the New Year, captivating shoppers with light and art.

Many Yintai projects such as Chengdu Intime City, Lishui Intime City, Dongyang Intime City, and Qiandao Lake Intime City also held a variety of activities featuring elves and snowmen, among others, to spread warmth and hope.

"Where there is Yintai, there is a prosperous business ecosystem". As the world leave behind the old and usher in the new, Yintai Group will continue to lead the new upsurge of domestic commercial consumption with innovation, help local consumption rebound, and stimulate the development of new formats.