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A romantic Valentine’s Day, courtesy of Yintai
Release Date:February 16,2023
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Many projects under the Yintai Group held dazzling events to celebrate the Valentine’s Day.


Hangzhou Hubin Yintai in77

Theme: Love blooms

Neither busyness nor the cold could stop the crowds from thronging Hangzhou Hubin Yintai in77 on the night of Valentine’s Day despite it being a weeknight. After all, one could only say that one had celebrated a festive day by being at Yintai.



A gigantic lollipop eight meters wide and four meters tall descended from the sky to the shores of the West Lake. A fresh flower market, elevators decked with fresh flowers and a fresh flower themed concert also featured to create a sweet atmosphere. Graffiti art of birds and flowers created a flourishing scene of spring, drawing a crowd. Many came to take photos and soak in the atmosphere as Hangzhou’s retail businesses usher in a new wave of Valentine’s Day fever.


Chengdu Yintai Centre in99

Theme: To  be with U



Love was in the air at Chengdu Yintai Centre in99, which showcased professions of love based on the theme “To be with U”, a HAHA!LULU! Valentine’s Day pink cosmic light photo exhibition, and aerial views, creating a euphoric romantic atmosphere.

The Chinese character used in the theme is “rabbit” which is pronounced as “tu”.

Western Hangzhou Yintai City

Theme: My beloved is in Western Hangzhou


“My beloved is in Western Hangzhou” was the theme at this Yintai City, which featured a 2,500m2 plaza with heart-shaped floor decals, with Linked Douyin (TikTok) and I DO creating various settings such as the “love filter”, large velvet hearts and a romantic rain of flower petals. Even the carrot-shaped lamp posts were dressed in Valentine’s Day “attire”.


Chengdu Yintai City

Theme: Love | With Intent


“Love | With Intent” was the Valentine’s Day theme at Chengdu Yintai City, which presented a five-meter tall bouquet of roses to the city.


Lishui Yintai City

Theme: Roses never wilt, and my love for you will blaze forever


The passion of the gigantic rose bouquet juxtaposed with glacier roses on the steps of the stairs outdoors have young ladies gushing, “The glacier roses at Lishui Yintai City are more romantic than me!” And that’s not all. Lishui Yintai City even has a short video teaching people how to take the best Valentine’s Day pictures.

Huzhou Aishan Yintai City

Theme: The Name of the Rose and Heart in Supreme


“The Name of the Rose and Heart in Supreme” was the Valentine’s Day theme at Huzhou Aishan Yintai City. The rose themed elevator was the favorite among young locals. Since the rose elevator was unveiled, the queuing time had been more than one hour every day. The number of exposures on Xiaohongshu and Douyin topped a million, making it a popular Valentine’s Day topic.

Dongyang Yintai City

Theme: Love confessions


Dongyang Intime City launched a matchmaking convenience store with blind box socializing. One could select a match for free. All one had to do was take the initiative, and the rest is history.


Qiandao Lake Yintai City

Theme: Two sweet


Pair up for a sweet year of the Rabbit! Qiandao Lake Yintai City was festooned with heart-shaped balloons to create a street to confess one’s love that conveys the message, “Journeying with you all the way is what makes this street romantic.” Heart-shaped balloons were handed out to passersby, bestowing greetings and blessings on this festive occasion.


Tonglu Yintai City

Theme: Profess your love


With profession of love as the theme, Tonglu Yintai City held a hugging competition and used songs to express love. Unique (emergency) roses were also handed out to help boost the confidence of those who wanted to confess their love but lacked courage.

Outlets at Shaoxing Hualian Yintai City

Theme: Where there is love, there is life


Outlets at Shaoxing Hualian Yintai City unveiled a classic love zebra crossing and a huge rose. The first Shaoxing Mahjong Contest was held as well. There was also a love blind box event to help young people find love.


Zhengzhou Yintai

Theme: Longing to see you every day


At the financial island of Longhu District in Zhengzhou, the Zhengzhou Yintai project, which is still in the preparation stage, held a thematic concert, “Longing to see you every day”. It also featured a breathtaking waterfall of roses on each step leading up to the stage.


Beijing Yintai Centre

Theme: A musical love letter


Yintai Foundation Group’s Beijing Yintai Centre delivered roses and the message of love up close and personal by holding a cello performance in its office building. The melodious music and distribution of roses on-site allowed office workers to soak in the romantic festival ambiance after work.


Park Hyatt Beijing

Theme: Rabbit companions


Guests stepping into the 63rd floor lobby of Park Hyatt Beijing will see a pair of fluffy rabbits in an embrace gazing out the window at the panoramic CBD view of the Guomao District, fostering a sense of warmth and companionship.