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Guizhou Governor Li Bingjun meets Yintai Group delegation led by Chairman Shen Guojun
Release Date:February 19,2023

On February 14, deputy Party secretary and governor of Guizhou Li Bingjun met a delegation led by Shen Guojun, founder and chairman of Yintai Group. Both parties held an in-depth exchange on collaborating to advance urban renewal of Nanming District in Guiyang, among others. Guizhou deputy governor Yang Tongguang, provincial government secretary Wei Shuwang, Guiyang deputy Party secretary and mayor Ma Yuning, as well as Yintai Group vice president and Yintai Commercial Group chairman Zheng Yongqiang were also present at the meeting.

Li Bingjun said that Guizhou is embarking on a new journey of comprehensive high-quality development. In the process of advancing urbanization, handing on historical and cultural values as well as promoting urban renewal are imperative. The two parties can collaborate in many areas. It is hoped that Yintai Group can actively leverage its own advantages, and help transform Guiyang into an “urban living room”. 

Shen Guojun thanked Guizhou Province for the strong support it has given to Yintai Group, and presented the Group’s development strategy and operating condition. He said that Yintai Group has built more than 100 commercial projects in the fashion retail industry and new consumption sector in over 70 cities across China over the past 25 years. It, therefore, has extensive experience in commercial real estate development and operations management. Given Guizhou’s good development momentum and vast development prospects, Yintai Group will actively assist Guizhou in its urban renewal program, create new commercial businesses, and continue to expand the scope of cooperation so as to contribute to Guizhou’s high-quality development and modernization drive.