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Guanghua School of Management, Peking University

As one of the best business schools in the world and in the Asia-Pacific region, Guanghua School of Management has always valued to cultivate students' social responsibility under the mission of teaching management knowledge, cultivating business leaders and boosting social progress. The school performs its social responsibility as a management school in science research, education, helping enterprises and giving advice on the Chinese economic policy reforms. It is also the leader among its domestic equivalents by the number of research outputs published on international economic management periodicals. Since 1985, Guanghua School of Management has cultivated 20,000 graduate, postgraduate, doctoral, MBA and EMBA students, and trained more than 10,000 senior management professionals for enterprises. Alumni of the school are now active in the government, business and education areas as pillars for the nation's social and economic development. In 2012, a Responsibility and Social Value Center was set up, which has since organized research and education in connection with corporate social responsibility and values, and publishes a "Social Responsibility and Values Report of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University" each year, showing the school's commitment to social responsibility. Besides, its Boya Library, MBA Teaching Corps and Young Pioneer Association also fulfill their "Serve and Repay the Society" commitment in various forms, and provide effective channels and diverse approaches for teachers and students to participate in public welfare and make their own contribution. The school has also incorporated courses relating to social responsibility into various teaching programs. The opening of the Master of Social Enterprise Management Program also expects to further boost the development of China's public welfare.

Ai You Foundation

Founded in 2004, Ai You Foundation (AI YOU) is the first national private foundation initiated, managed and operated by entrepreneurs. AI YOU is devoted itself to medical assistance for orphans and poor children and committed to becoming the best medical assistance foundation for children in the world. Its charity projects include "AI YOU Young Heart Project"—Surgical Treatment Project for Orphaned and Poor Children with Congenital Heart Diseases, "AI YOU Angel Project"—Medical Treatment Project for Orphaned and Poor Children with Leukemia, "AI YOU New Life Project"—Medical Nursing Project for Orphaned Child Patients, "AI YOU HeKang Rehab Center"—Rehabilitation Project for Disabled Children, etc.

Shen Guojun is a founding council member of the foundation.

International Paradise Foundation

Founded in 2015, the International Paradise Foundation (The Paradise) is an eco-protection foundation initiated by Shen Guojun in association with renowned domestic entrepreneurs and charity personages such as Jack Ma and Pony Ma, with Shen as the Executive President. The Paradise pays close attention to global non-profit environmental protection institutions, is committed to protecting our beloved land by scientific and commercial means, and looks to explore a method, path and system suiting Chinese charity by integrating its overseas experience with China's actualities in practice.

Zhi Fu Charity Foundation

Founded in 2014, Zhi Fu Charity Foundation (Zhi Fu) is a private foundation initiated by leaders of the Zhi Gong Party Central Committee. Zhi Fu aims to carry forward the fine tradition of "dedication to the public" and display the feature of the times—"devotion of overseas Chinese", and is committed to poverty relief, overseas Chinese assistance and protection, education, technology and health undertakings support, and other charity activities.

Shen Guojun is a key capital contributor to the foundation and serves as Vice Chairman.

China Song Ching Ling Foundation

In honor of Soong Ching Ling, Honorary President of the People's Republic of China, Soong Ching Ling Foundation was established in May 1982 and renamed China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) in September 2005.

The mission of CSCLF is to "inherit and implement Soong Ching Ling's unfinished cause of promoting international friendship and maintaining world peace; carrying out cross-straits exchanges and promoting the reunification of the country; and showing concerns for the future of the nation and fostering children", namely peace, unification and future.

Shen Guojun is a council member of CSCLF.

Hupan University

Founded by nine famous entrepreneurs and scholars including Liu Chuanzhi, Jack Ma, Feng Lun, Guo Guangchang, Shi Yuzhu, Shen Guojun, Qian Yingyi, Cai Hongbin and Shao Xiaofeng, Hupan University aims at cultivating and passing on the spirit of entrepreneurship. Hupan University will follow business principles and foster a new generation of modern entrepreneurs with neo-commercial civilization.It will stick to the principles of holding key values, perfecting society and ensuring non-profit and public welfare.


OceanX is an ocean exploration initiative founded by Ray Dalio, founder of investment firm Bridgewater Associates, and his son Mark Dalio. An initiative of Dalio Philanthropies, OceanX is a “mission to explore the ocean and bring it back to the world.” OceanX combines science, technology and media to explore and raise awareness for the oceans and “create a community engaged with protecting them.” The initiative also supports and facilitates ocean research for scientists, science institutions, media companies and philanthropy partners.